Saturday, August 24, 2013

Duck Dynasty Beats the Odds - Or Do They?

With their season premier, Duck Dynasty reached the highest rated show on television.  And it did it going against the odds.

The family is rural.  Southern.  Christian.  Functional.  Hunts.  Prays.  Their demographic, in the traditional sense or otherwise, looks nothing like what the media puts forth as viable entertainment.

And yet their ratings continue to grow.  As does their message:

In the early 90's I took my Dad to go see Phil Robertson speak about duck calling.  This was decades before his show, but Phil was just as he is today.  

Later, when Dad got sick, I thought that Dad might enjoy some of Phil's duck hunting videos, as Dad was now too sick to go hunting with me.  When I placed my order on the Duck Commander website, I sent along a note via email where I explained Dad's condition, and the fact that we had met Phil, used his calls, and often talked about him and calling while we were in the blind.  I asked, if it were possible, if someone could perhaps get Phil to sign the videos.

The next week my three videos arrived, and I found that all three were unwrapped.  As I pulled each out of its sleeve, I found that Phil had signed every one of them.

Some might ask why this show is so popular, and how in the world it is generating the kind of ratings that it is.  

To others, the results of the show seem glaringly obvious.

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