Sunday, August 4, 2013

Packer Family Night

My company is the new title sponsor of Lambeau Field's newest gate, and as part of our sponsorship we were granted a bunch of tickets to the Packers' Family Night.

The event is a bunch of on the field activities which culminates into a offense versus defense scrimmage.  Basically, it's a glorified practice.

Only this practice takes place in front of about 70,000 people:

Our section was in the new 600 and 700 section of Lambeau, which definitely rises above the rest of the stadium (as well as the rest of the city).  Here are some views from the top of 600, but bottom of 700:

Note that this is from the bottom of 700 - the stadium rises another 20 rows or so from there.  Not exactly a good seat for those afraid of heights.

Prior to the expansion, it was accurately said that there weren't any bad seats in Lambeau.  Unfortunately, with the addition of the new nosebleed seats, I think that can no longer be said.  But to the Packer faithful - the same people that came out on a Saturday night to pack a stadium and watch a practice - I doubt there's a care.

And all I could think of when looking up at the 700 section was "I know where they'll plan on putting the Vikings fans..." 

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