Saturday, June 1, 2013

IRS Terrorizes Citizens and Liberals Don't Care

There is clear evidence that the IRS profiled and targeted conservative groups and individuals. These were not minor, isolated incidences.  The breadth and depth of this activity shows that 1) it was an organized operation; coordinated in some fashion and 2) it was not limited to a couple of rogue agents in an office or two.  

And nobody on the liberal side of the aisle cares.

Think about that for a minute: A government arm, one that can imprison people and ruin lives, was unleashed for the simple punishment and control of political enemies.  

And nobody on the liberal side of the aisle cares.

A Senate Finance committee is investigating the issue, and asked the IRS to provide documents relevant to the investigation.  The deadline was yesterday, and the IRS coughed up nothing.  Try that same tactic the next time the IRS wants some documentation from you.  But right now they don't care, because this isn't a major issue.  

And it's not a major issue because nobody on the liberal side of the aisle cares.

They don't care that the IRS commissioner Doug Shulman visited the White House over 150 times, when his predecessor visited once.  Once.

They don't care that nobody will accept any kind of responsibility or accountability.

They don't care that the IRS asked groups to turn over the content of their prayers.

They don't care the the IRS demanded groups give up their first amendment rights of protest

They don't care that the IRS demanded the names on right wing groups' donor lists

And on and on.  They don't care.  They don't because they see the ends (the crushing of their political opponents) justifying the means (unleashing an illegal government reign of terror via threat, intimidation, bully tactics, and harassment).  That is who their party is.  That is what liberalism has become.   Activity so illegal, so egregious, that it should unify citizens in outrage is now instead either swept under the rug, dismissed as being overblown, or even defended.  

And unless they start to care, we can expect to see much more of this in the future.  Think about it - as an IRS agent, one whose entire source of living is funded by the taxpayer, who are you going to choose to audit?  It's not going to be the tax filer with the donations to liberal groups, is it?  No, that person is protecting your existence.  No, instead the audit and harassment will likely fall to those taxpayers that have a profile of a conservative.  Those are the people looking to take away your livelihood.   Those are your enemies.  Those are the ones that need to be punished.

In the height of the gun control debate a common liberal talking point was to scoff at and belittle gun owners' concerns of wanting a arm to defend themselves from potential government tyranny.  What paranoid, loony, imbeciles!  The "government tyranny" bogeyman!  How rich!

Now, just months later, we have prima facie evidence of government tyranny on a grand scale.

And nobody on the liberal side of the aisle cares.   

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