Friday, May 31, 2013

Ecommerce Employment Opportunities Heating Up

I have been fortunate in my career to be on recruiters' radar screens.  Part of it has to do with how rapidly the ecommerce space is growing, part of it has to do with what I've been able to do in my career, part of it is that I've always taken recruiter calls and actively helped them to connect to potential candidates (keeping me in good stead for future opportunities) and part of it is related to actions I've taken to make myself found (e.g. LinkedIn profile design, speaking at industry events, being quoted in press releases, etc.)

At the start of the year, though, contacts from headhunters died down to nothing.  This had me worried that I had slipped off the grid somehow, and actually had me professionally concerned.

It turns out it had to be something else, as in the past month I've been solicited to for six different opportunities - all of them but one for household brands.  Every one of them cherry jobs, at least based on the job descriptions.  

I've never seen the space as active as it is right now, and it is fun to watch.

The growth in the ecommerce industry continues unabated.  It is a great place for a career - either as a starting place, or for someone like me in the middle of their career.

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