Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday, Mrs.YDP

Last week, ahead of her 50th birthday today, my wife received the following:

When I first saw it on the counter, I laughed.  But then I quickly got angry.  That may be how the AARP sees my wife.  But how I see her is so very different.  See for yourself:

These aren't shots from years ago - they're all from this year.  I'm not sure what you see, but I see a beautiful, loving, relevant, vibrant, and sweet woman.  It is the same woman that stole my heart over 20 years ago, and is the same one that can still make my heart beat faster.  If anything, she's become more beautiful as she's aged.  I certainly know that I love her more as the years have slipped by.

So, AARP, stick it in your ear.  Go solicit for old ladies somewhere else.  The woman that lives here is nothing like what you want.  

Come on back in 20 years or so.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.  I cannot convey how very much I love you, and I can't wait to see what your second 50 years brings.

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