Sunday, May 19, 2013

Leech Lake Considering Reducing Protected Walleye Slot

Per Doug Smith's StarTribune article of May 5, the Minnesota DNR is considering decreasing the protected walleye slot on Leech Lake for the 2014 season.  Right now, any fish over 18" need to go back into the lake, and what's being considered is raising that to 20".

The rebound of the Leech Lake fishery is nothing short of miraculous, as the stocking efforts and cormorant reduction activity have conspired to create what is currently being considered.  Fifteen years ago, Leech was a walleye wasteland.  Now, it is arguably the walleye fishing jewel in Minnesota's crown.

Comments may be sent to Doug Schultz, DNR area fisheries supervisor, 07316 State Highway 371 NW, Walker, MN 56484 or emailed to

Here's my letter:

Dear Mr. Schultz,

Please consider this an enthusiastic letter of support for the considered decrease in protected slot for walleyes on Leech Lake to 20".  I've fished Leech for nearly 45 years now, and have seen it at its very best and worst as far as a fishery goes.  These past few years have been nothing short of spectacular, and I'm quite confident that the fishery can adequately support the reduction in slot.

Likewise, the reduced slot will encourage more traffic to the Leech Lake area, and will be a substantive boon to the local businesses.  Given the tough year that the area will have to absorb in 2013 with "the opener that never was," something positive to look forward to in the coming year will be a welcomed distraction.

Thanks much for your consideration, as well as all you do to protect one of the state's most beloved fisheries.


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