Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LSU to Play at Lambeau Field?

According to CBS, it is being discussed.  

I can't even begin to think of how fun that would be.  

The football game would be a rout, hence the only competition would be in the famed Lambeau parking lot where two vaunted tailgating heavyweights would duke it out.  Both sides claim great drinking capacity, and great cooking, so that part may be a toss-up.  It may very well come down to the following:
  • How would the Tigers do partying in weather thirty degrees cooler than what they're used to?  
  • And how would Bucky fans do getting the ever-living stuffing Tiger-baited out of them?  
All I know is that it would be the party of the decade; especially if I could get a whole mess of cousins up here with me.  

Get your tiger-bait ready, boys, this might go down.

Oh, yeah.  And GEAUX TIGAHS

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