Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anytime Fitness Green Bay's Disgusting New Policy

Since moving here three years ago, I've been a member at Anytime Fitness off of Military Avenue.  And during that time I've seen a consistent progression of cheapness that manifest itself in their offering.

It started with things like tanning bed goggles being taken away, went to things not being kept up over the weekend, and has now spread to lots of signs around the place telling their members that you can't bring in guests, and if you do you're on camera and will be charged for it.

But the latest step takes things to a whole new level.  I'll let the new sign explain it:

One towel with a spray bottle, under the auspices of "going green."  So after my workout at 5:15 AM, I reached for the rag and bottle to wipe down my machine.  The only problem?  The towel was completed soaked, and given the light crowd in the morning, it had to be that way for who knows how long.

The only "going green" this place is doing is trying to save green by not buying any wipes anymore.  Hell, a simple roll of paper towel would be appreciated.  But four gross towels spread across the gym that are already soaking wet with who knows what?  Disgusting.

So when I got off my second machine and looked around for something with which I could clean it, I found this:

Really, Anytime Fitness?  This is how you want to run your business?

When I left, I passed a regular who was coming into the gym with her own "wipe down" towel.  I do my share of travelling, and have worked out in well over 100 places, (some pretty seedy) and I've never been in one that was so gross that its patrons had to bring their own cleaning supplies.

Nice policy.


  1. I have also been a member of Anytime fitness for many years. over those years I must have used over 1000 wipes that are sitting in a land fill somewhere. I spoke to the manager and asked what brought on this change to the way we clean equipment the manager explained that the gym is doing its part to lower their carbon footprint by lowering the amount of waste from the club. I really agree with the change brought on by the club, I believe that a large franchise that is aware of their effects on the plant is a franchise I will always support. The Manager has posted what the contents of the spray are and it is the same chemicals that the hospitals use. I feel very comfortable with the gyms choice to better the plant.


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