Monday, June 3, 2013

The IRS Scandal and Government Health Care

The liberal elite howled with disdain at ridicule when Sarah Palin dared utter that Obamacare would usher in government "death panels;" bureaucrats who would ultimately decide who got health care, and who did not.  She's still pilloried about it to this day.

Yet, what have we learned from the IRS scandal?  Government bureaucrats ultimately decided who got audited, denied tax-exempt status, and harassed, and who did not.  And their decision making was based solely on political ideology.

It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Is there a more absolute power than ceding to the government the decision of who gets health care (e.g. life) and who does not (e.g. death)?  Sounds like death panels to me.

And woe be to the person fighting against such an institution when their request for cancer treatment hits the desk of a bureaucrat with an agenda. 

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  1. A Democratic pundit gave away the game when they said that the way to cut health care spending was to deny health care coverage to Republicans/conservatives (for the record I cannot recall who said this).

    Certainly the remark was made in "jest", but it demonstrated why I prefer to have a "greedy" corporation make my health care decisions than the "fair" government. The rules for an insurance corporation are based on pure economics. But government decisions are arbitrary. Individuals with access to government power get one set of rules. Others, a completely different set of rules.


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