Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living on a Golf Course - Fortunate Indeed

With the massive project at work, I had lots of work to do this weekend.  I put in about four hours dialed in from home on Saturday, and put in a really productive hour and a half in the office after mass on Sunday.  But despite the work, I was still able to get in two rounds of golf this weekend - one with the boys on Saturday, and one with Mrs. YDP on Sunday.

Given my schedule, I typically would not have been able to pull it off, but we happen to be fortunate enough to live on a very nice course, and I'm a 10 minute cart ride from my home to the clubhouse.  

There are some times when I get a big dose of reality, and I'm able to recognize just how fortunate we are.  I got that big time last night on our ride home.  My wife and I had finished our round, ate a wonderful Sunday chicken dinner at the club as we watched the end of the US Open, and drove through the course on our way home.  I was struck by the beauty of the course, and the ease at which we're able to access and enjoy it.

I actually said to my wife on the drive, "We live on a golf course!" as there are times when I still can't believe how lucky we are.

It  is very hard to live apart from all of our family and friends.  But as hard as it is, it's made better by where and how we live.  And it is a life that I sometimes still can't believe that we lead.

At times like this, I always get taken back to something my Dad said to me a lot growing up.  He'd pull me out of a moment on the lake, or on vacation, and say "You're lucky to have this."  And I'd agree, because he was absolutely right.  

I'm still lucky, and he's still right.

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