Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Trailer Park Boys Milwaukee Show

The Trailer Park Boys offered up a show in Brewtown, and neither my wife nor I knew what to expect.  We knew what their TV show was like, and we appreciated the unique characters that evolved.  For me it remains one of the top five funniest TV series, ever.  But how would it translate to a live show?  Ah, that was the question.

The answer was easy - it translated awesomely!

The show started a tad late as the Brewers went to extra innings, and by the time the hometown nine had taken care of business, the house was in an absolutely euphoric mood.  The Boys poured gas on that fire, mentioning the game and the team multiple times throughout the night.  The crowd repeatedly roared their appreciation, and the smallish Pabst Theater rocked the entire night.

The show itself was a fun, rollicking ride with established bits and skits, lots of audience participation, and lots of room for improvisation.  The crowd and the Boys fed off of each other, and the entertainment was hilarious.  While content was definitely "R" rated and very guy-oriented, nobody seemed too offended and most folks had a good time.

Anytime there's that much chemical use in the audience and they're asked to participate, things can really go wrong but there were only a couple of times in which theater staff needed to usher folks off the stage.  Overall the Boys were able to keep things in check themselves via a look or a well-placed insult. 

The show concluded with a sneak peek of the Boys new show; a big departure from their Trailer Park Boys genre.  It will be a lot of fun to see how all of it comes together, and it definitely looks interesting. 

Overall it was a great way for a city, and a comedy team, to celebrate, and celebrate they did. 

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