Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ponder the Impossible

The Sunday night game against Chicago last week showed Donovan McNabb for what he is - an aging quarterback at the twilight of his career, who couldn't give a frog's fat behind about the outcome of the game.  His entire body language belied a man that just flat didn't care anymore.

For that reason alone, Leslie Frazier needs to make a move.  But the bigger reason to make a move now is due to the upcoming opponent.

The Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers roll into town with a spotless 6-0 record and the wind at their backs.  They are clearly the most dominant team in the NFL right now.

Which makes the timing of Ponder's first start absolutely perfect.

If Green Bay comes in and destroys us, as all are projecting, it was an expected outcome.  The entire state are expecting the worst, so rolling the rookie out there just adds to the forgone conclusion that most hold for the game.  Hence, Ponder can't do any worse than what people already expect.

But what if the miracle occurs?  What if he can actually cobble together a game in which the Vikings win against their hated and heavily-favored rival? 

Then, my friends, Christian Ponder will go down in the annals of Vikings lore.

All up side, no down side.  The perfect place to start an NFL career.

Good luck, kid.  We'll be pulling for you.

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