Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Tevas Stink

I loved my new Tevas.  I really did.  They're comfortable, cool, and were the perfect bridge between sandals and shoes. 

Unfortunately they stink.  Literally. 

On the whole, I'm cleaner than the average bear, and have never really had this problem before.  So when my new Tevas started smelling like week old garbage, I thought maybe my body chemistry might be changing to cause something like this to happen.  It was offensive, and I literally had to scrub my feet to get rid of the smell, as well keep the offending shoes outside.  

Then I did a quick Google search on "Tevas" and "stink." 

Turns out it isn't me - not at all. 

These shoes have a massive issue, as dozens and dozens of posts can attest.  In fact, you may have landed on this page due to just such a Google search.  If you did, rest easy, friend.  Your Tevas do stink, but it is the shoe, and not you.  Send them back and get another brand and you (and those around you) will be quite happy. 

In the mean time, hey Teva: you guys really stink.  Really.

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