Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Girl Run Over, Our Future?

This story is making the rounds, but in the event you have not seen it, you absolutely need to do so. 

I've presented the Fox version.  There are unedited versions out there.  They show, in graphic detail, this toddler being run over, having her body split open like a watermelon, spilling guts and blood into the street, arms flailing for help, and not one, not two, but 18 people walking right past her.  Some even walk/drive through her blood splatter puddle.

Look at this and learn.

So why do I show this?  I show it because this is the society that some want to move us toward.  One where no pesky religion clouds the minds of the ignorant.  One where little girls are aborted at a rate that is tantamount to a genocide, all because of the wrong chromosome, which makes them incredibly inconvenient.  A world where everything is equal, and fair.  A communist society. 

18 people, all seeing, but choosing to move along.  This is beyond sick.

And yet there is a crowd in New York that espouses the exact same things that created the society in which a little girl can be run over, twice, and stepped around, because she's too damned inconvenient.


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