Friday, October 21, 2011

Give Me Your Stuff, But Take Mine and It's Theft

From the New York Post comes a story about theives that are preying on protesters down at the Occupy Wall Street rally in New York.  In the article, one protester bemoans the theft of her "$5,500 Mac."

Which begs a couple of points:
  • I have a damn good job.  Damn good.  I'm in the ecommerce industry.  And I don't have a $5,500 Mac because there's no way I could justify such a luxury.  And yet...
  • If I did have such a laptop, there's no way I would take it to a protest rally as I'd expect it to be the target of a theft.  But maybe I'm just a realist pessimist about human nature.
  • I don't understand the protester's angst on the loss of her Mac.  She's protesting for people's assets to be "shared" and "redistributed."  That's exactly what happened to her Mac.  Why should she own such a sophisticated technology when there are so many that have so little?  Likewise, she likely earned that Mac on the backs of others.  Time for her to pay her "fair share."
Karma can be a real bitch.

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