Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation by the Numbers

14 hours driving both to and from the cabin on Leech Lake

12 consecutive hours of sleep enjoyed by me the first two nights on vacation.  I think I needed some down time

11 total people spread across two cabins, and also the same number of fishing poles hauled from Wisconsin to Minnesota

15 bottles of wine consumed for the week

4 pillow fights with my nieces and nephews (Uncle Mikey drives the Pain Train)

21 estimated hours trolling without raising a fish.  Not one.

120 estimated quarters spent at the game room

5 average daily walks for my dog, across various walkers

2 total walleyes caught by me all week, equaling the number of decent bike rides completed during the week (16 and 14 miles)

3 and 4, the finishing positions for my brother and me at the big Texas Hold 'Em tournament

$250 estimated expenditures at Swanson's Bait for the week

$100 lost at the casino, playing perfect basic strategy Black Jack, in about 45 minutes.  Bastards...

123 emails in my in-box, waiting for me to address them, despite working a couple of hours per day

Infinite amount of smiles, hugs, and memories generated for the week that will carry me for a long, long time to come 

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