Thursday, August 4, 2011

Slow Motion Vacation

This vacation has been everything I could have asked.  No, the fishing has not been good.  In fact it has pretty much sucked.  But the weather has been damn near perfect.  I’ve spent gobs of quality time with my family.  And, most importantly, time has about stood still. 

This week has crawled at a snail’s pace.  In my work environment, weeks fly by at rush that is hard to understand.  One day I’m working on the strategic plan for 2011 and the next thing you know it is August and budget work has begun for 2012.  I can’t adequately describe the blur that is my work existence.  That’s why my time up here has been something to treasure.  The days here pass by at a leisurely cadence, with plans made on the fly, and absolutely nothing that “has” to be done, other than eat and eventually get the kiddos to bed.  It has felt like we’ve been here a month, and it was exactly what I needed for my emotional and physical health. 

Yeah, I’ve still done an hour or two of work per day.  But it is done in an environment of sweet relaxation. 

And the beauty of all of this?  I still have one more day to go! 

Here’s to vacation.

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