Monday, August 15, 2011

Al's ATV

The ex father-in-law of Fuzzy's recently passed.  While it felt like it was way too early, he lived a full life by many measures.

Al also happened to be a friend of mine.  I had hunted his property numerous times for some amazing goose hunts and the best pheasant hunting I've ever done in the state of Minnesota. 

Al was a person of distinct dichotomies.  He could be hilariously funny and deadly serious. Complimentary and critical.  Easy going and intense.  But one side that did not have an opposite was his love of the outdoors, and his stewardship of those resources.  He was also incredibly generous to me personally, not only in supporting my Delta Waterfowl chapter, but also in giving my dad and me one last incredible goose hunt on his property. 

I think about him often as he was one of those personalities that you just don't forget.

With his passing, the family is getting rid of some of the hunting gear Al had.  One such peice of equipment is pictured here.  Fuzzy and I purchased this from the family, and it has already been delivered to the farm in Glenwood.

The vehicle will be a great addition to the hunting camp, as we'll be able to haul boats, seed, dog water, and older southern kin around the farm with ease.  We'll also be able to tour around the property in style as we scout birds, conduct work, or just have an evening ride with a cocktail in the cup holder.  It will be put to good use.

Somehow, I'd like the think that Al would approve of where it ended up and what it will be doing.   

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