Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tie or No Tie? - That is the Question

I have been invited to give a presentation to my peers as part of an upcoming Internet Retailer conference in January.  It is a nice honor, and I look forward to telling the story of my team and my company.   

In preparation for building their marketing materials, the conference is looking for a brief biography on me, as well as a head shot.  My current shot was taken from my days at Fingerhut; hence it is about 8 years old.  It doesn't reflect my grey  or my wrinkles, so in the spirit of full disclosure I asked our photo studio to book a time to get me shot.   

That began my debate - tie, or no tie?  As I reportedearlier, wearing no tie is all the rage.  It is done in environments considered unthinkable a few years ago, by men in positions that would never have considered it before.  Besides being a trend, it is also supposed to offer a more youthful appearance.  This is important, as my industry is dominated by youth.  I need to look the part.  Thus, when it came time for my photo shoot, I did two versions - one with a tie and one without.  

I got my photos back last week, and try as I can, I simply can't pull off the "no tie" look.  I feel like I always come off looking like an unmade bed, and also look anything but youthful. I opted for the tie photo, and resigned myself to whatever fate would be dealing to me.  

 In the mean time, over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed something: of the people that are wearing ties, especially in semi-formal environments, most of them are young.  I'm talking high school through mid 20's.  Also, the non-tie wearers are looking damned old.  This is especially evident when the two mingle together.  

I'm not sure if this is just my whistling through the fashion graveyard, but it seems like I'm seeing this more and more.  Thus, when I give my presentation in January, I'll be sporting the suit and the tie.  I may look old, I may look young, who knows?  But at least I'll be well dressed doing it. 


Please feel free to include any thoughts you may have. Know, however, that kiddos might be reading this, so please keep the adult language to yourself. I know, for me to ask that language is clean is a stretch...