Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm About to Drop Facebook

I'm just about to drop Facebook.  I simply can't handle it anymore.  The content found there is so horribly superficial, and the true nature of the "connection" I have with my "friends" is on an ever more embarrassing display. 

But beyond that, and far more annoying, is that I've been hiding posts from multiple friends because I can't stand their political commentary anymore (and I have a couple on the bubble).  I really thought that with the unequivocal failure of the Obama administration that the whole political endorsement deal would die down, but instead I'm now getting posts on why Warren Buffett is brilliant and Michelle Bachman is bat-excrement crazy. 

Unfortunately, many of these people were the same people that told me Obama would usher in a new breed of president and would save our country.  He did usher in a new breed - to the tune of record debts and deficits- but he's hardly saved our country.  To the contrary, we're now at the economic brink of collapse.  So as far as political prognostication goes, some of my friends are batting worse than Drew Butera (.161!  Really!). 

Now, I know what you're thinking, that I'm hypocritical as I use this blog as my own political bully pulpit.  The difference is that folks that stop by this blog do so because they want to be here.  I didn't invite anyone here, or establish any relationship with my readers that anything and everything I post will show up in their News Feed.  If you don't like my content, you just don't come back.  Simple as that.  Whereas with Facebook, many of these "friendships" are set because of an industry relationship, school relationship, work, or other. 

To jump to the bottom line: just because we went to high school together does not mean I care in the least what you think of Rick Perry, taxes, or Warren Buffett. 

So, to my Facebook friends that may just happen to stumble across this - please get back to telling me about your kid, the line at Starbucks, your vacation, or what you're having for dinner.  While the communication will be superficial, at least I won't be blocking you for it. 

There, I feel better.  


  1. I know what you mean, I have to hide comments about how Bush invaded the wrong country and started two wars at the cost of 10 Billion dollars a month, bailed out the banks and generally ran our country into the ground.

  2. Yeah, Anon, thanks so much for posting up. We SO love to hate the Bush haters here, don't we? Forget the past three years, it's all about protecting Bush.

    That's what's important.

    Thanks again for ypur addition to the conversation.


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