Sunday, February 13, 2011

Restaurant Reivew - Lotus Asian Restaurant, Green Bay

I love Thai food.  More than that, I LOVE Pad Thai.  The only problem is that a Pad Thai recipe is a lot like a Bloody Mary recipe - when it is good it is outstanding, but when it is bad (which is more often than not), the disappointment lessens a nice time out. 

When I was here in Green Bay on my own last fall, I ordered take-out Thai from a local restaurant (which will remain nameless), and the Pad Thai I received was nearly inedible.  I began to wonder if Green Bay had a good solution for Thai food, when I happened to drive past the Lotus Asian Restaurant off of Military Avenue. After cajoling my wife for a couple of weeks (she's not a fan of very spicy food), I finally got her to agree to go there to dinner with me last night.  Judging by other reviews I've read on the place, I held out hope that this would be my Thai restaurant solution in Green Bay. 

We started with an order of Thai Spicy Wings, which were the prefect combination of spice, heat, crunch, and flavor.  Just these alone were worth the trip, but for me the true test was ahead.  Fortunately, the Pad Thai more than passed the test - it was outstanding.  Not the best I ever had, but easily in the top five.  Just a great mix of spice, heat, and a hint of sweet.  I also ordered the Pad Prik Khing, a spicy green bean dish, which was done perfectly, with the green beans retaining some crunch, while making my nose run due to the spicy heat.  My wife ordered a traditional Chinese meal of Cashew Chicken which was also very, very good. 

Portions were large (we came home with two containers that will be at more than one more meal for two), and the service, while a touch slow, could not have been more friendly.  It felt great to be in a place with such welcoming, happy, and friendly folks.  The restaurant itself is a touch small, but well appointed, complete with a small bar and flat screen TVs for the sports fan.  Also, they do deliver, so that's an option as well. 

Overall, it was a really nice evening out, and will likely be added to our restaurant rotation.     

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