Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fox Bans Obscene Super Bowl Ad

Adult concepts below.  Keep the kiddos away from this installment.

I'm sure you've heard about the ad that Fox has banned from being broadcast during the Super Bowl.  You haven't?  Well then, YDP reader, prepare thyself to be offended.  Here it is. 

Heaven forbid that such an ad would taint commercial breaks that contain wholesome stuff like yet another Go Daddy ad featuring Danica Patrick in her 17th installment of a faux lipstick lesbian porn episode. 

Gang, I'm not a prude.  Sex sells, and always has.  I get that.  But there is zip wrong about the first ad, especially juxtaposed against the annual Go Daddy nerd titillation. Someone has some significant issues discerning "offensive."  But, more likely, they don't have the guts to take the "politically correct" heat for daring to air a religious message in front of the world's largest TV audience. 


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