Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Super Bowl Advertising Review

At $3MM a pop, a good Super Bowl ad can make ( or break ( a company.  So, how was this year's crop?  Overall, I felt there were a lot of ads that were just OK, with some strong entries, and a limited level of misses. 

Let's review the bad ones first: 

Doritos Finger Suck - This just flat creeped me out.  Like I need a shower kind of creeped out.  How it will create additional affinity for their brand via this ad is beyond me. 

Pepsi Max Blond Nailed with Can - This is actually one of two ads for Pepsi Max in which people got hit with cans.  At least the other ad went for the tried and true gag of the hit to the groin. 

Sketchers Shapeups - An ad for a women's product that was basically directed at men.  Come on. 

Groupon Tibet with Timothy Hutton - After playing things close to the vest, this is what they came up with?  Holy cow!  At least with this ad that they now have a worse mistake than not accepting Google's offer.  They were better off spending that $3MM on a sock puppet. 

Now, let's take a look at the good ones: 

Bud Light Product Placement - I felt the overall Bud Light offering was weak, but I did enjoy this ad. 

Bridgestone's Reply All - Still don't understand the connection with tires, but this gave me one of the bigger laughs of the evening. 

Teleflora's Boyfriend Pens Note - Great ad!  Completely targeted to their audience (especially by including Faith Hill), this was incredibly effective as well as funny. 

Etrade - Last year's winner has another strong showing. 

Best Buy with Ozzy - Really effective means of getting out the new technology trade-in policy.  Very entertaining, and very well done. 

Pepsi Max Internal Voice - Elicited a very good laugh.  As much as Pepsi spent (between Max and Doritos), they needed one. 

But there is one standout champion, and it is no contest.   Living Social took on rival Groupon, and developed the ad worthy of all of Groupon's hype.  Benefit driven, clear, and funny as hell.  See for yourself: 

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