Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dads Get No Advertising Respect

In the latest article from eMarketer, dads bemoan the fact that ads are not speaking to or directed at them:
Few dads in the Yahoo! study felt ads in many consumer goods categories spoke to them, despite being the primary or shared decision-maker. For instance, 66% of dads felt ignored by apparel advertising, yet 57% of dads claimed they are the primary decision-maker and an additional 37% shared decision-making in the category. With child and baby care, 57% of dads felt alienated by ads, yet 80% were either primary or shared decision-makers.

Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Watch your TV tonight and see how the middle aged white male is treated in commercials.  He's always the clueless idiot, the bumbling fool, the butt of the joke.  Women, kids, minorities, or anyone else is rarely reflected in a poor light. This has been happening for years.  My wife and I now keep note of it, and call out the "men are dumb in commercials" examples when we see it.  It happens at least once every commercial block.

This tactic, while politically safe, is serving to drive a wedge between advertisers and a significant share of their potential customers.

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