Thursday, February 10, 2011

Putting the Frozen in Frozen Tundra

I hate this time of the year. 

The Super Bowl is over, and it will be 6 months until training camp and fantasy football prognostication starts.  NCAA basketball is in mid-season, and we’re a month away from conference tournaments and the big dance.  NBA is hardly a sport anymore.  NHL is about the best thing going, but there’s a scant amount to be had here in hockey-less Green Bay.  We’re more than a week for pitchers and catchers, and full MLB squads about a week after that. 

So why are all of those spectator sports important?  It is -14 this morning.  Wind chill?  Oh, that takes things down to -26.  Here on the frozen tundra, we’re not going outside anytime soon, so TV is our great escape. 

Spring seems like an unattainable goal, and summer something that other people enjoy.  The weatherman is predicting a high Sunday of 36, and while we pray that he’s right, just doing the quick math means that it would be a 50 degree swing!

We’ll believe it when we see it. 

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