Sunday, May 9, 2010

Twins Game Birthday Celebration

We attended our first game at Target Field for my sweetheart's birthday. Now, I know you likely think this is the equivalent of buying my wife a bowling ball for Christmas, but honestly, she is a big baseball fan, and was so well before she met me. We've been to countless games at the Dome, and have done road trips to see the Twins play in Chicago and Kansas City. She knows her hardball, and understands event intricate nuances better than many men I know. Yeah, she still thinks Joe Mauer is cute (who doesn't?), but at least she can also appreciate his swing.

We had great seats behind home plate and under the overhang, so the infrequent rain didn't bother us. We also missed out on the infrequent sun from this location, but it was a trade we were willing to make. While game temps were cold, we shared a stadium blanket and were pretty darn comfortable. In thinking about it, the last time I used a stadium blanket was when I was in junior high at old Memorial Stadium at a cold Gopher Football game 30 years ago. Yikes.

While the hometown nine let us down both on defense and offense, we still had a great time, and Vera got to get a photo with her long-time Twins hero Kirby Puckett. We both can't wait to get back there again.

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