Monday, May 3, 2010

Minnesota Turkey Hunting - Bad Luck, Good Weekend

The Yellow Dog Patrol headed up to our camp this past weekend as we were lucky enough to be drawn for turkey permits. With no time to scout we went in blind, hoping that birds we had seen previously last fall and earlier were still around.

Uh, no such luck.

Despite the lack of turkeys, we did enjoy a weekend outdoors. Wildlife was everywhere, with pheasants, ducks, and geese in full mating rituals (if not already on the nest), coyotes sneaking up on our turkey decoys (but not getting close enough to shoot - wily buggers), and deer herded up in the woods. In fact, the only Minnesota game animal that we didn't see in huge abundance this weekend was the elusive wild turkey.

While our quarry was sparse, we didn't let that hamper a good weekend. We spent time with watching baseball, plinking with hand guns, throwing clay targets, romping with yellow dogs, catching a nap, eating junk food, and otherwise just being guys. I also got treated to this sunrise.

So, yeah, you could say the hunting wasn't that good. But my weekend sure was.

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