Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Golf Game

It has been a couple of months since I've seen my mom, and in thinking about it, it's been the longest time in my life that I've gone without seeing her. She's back from her whirlwind Tour de Barb, and we were able to catch up by going out and getting a golf game in.

The weather was touch chilly, but we had a good time talking and being outdoors. Both of us played pretty well until the final couple of holes. Mom finished with a 104, whereas I posted a 92. Given the 108 I shot in gale-force winds last Wednesday, I was happy with my round. That 108 was killer. It's not a good thing when, in trying to enter your score in the course computer, it asks you to verify score because it is so bad. It makes you hit "enter" to verify the score. The button might as well be named "just shut up and take the score."

We finished with a nice dinner at the course where we were joined by my two aunts. Overall it was a really nice day, with the exception of my going out to my vehicle this morning to retrieve the digital camera and finding my mom's gift and Mother's Day cards in the back seat. Dummy. Oh well, at least I have a good reason to see her again soon.


  1. What is sad is the fact you go out Wed to get a practice round in because you are scared your mom is going to beat you if you don't get some practice in. That is what is Sadder then sad.

  2. Tiger,

    What's sad is that she's been beating me (and my dad) like a drum most of her life. Her record is somehthing in the range of 43-6 against me, so I'm not going to worry about beating her every once and a while.


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