Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Man Cave Expansion

Summer is finally showing up in Minnesota, and that means copious amounts of lawn mowing. Given all of the rain we've had recently, it has been tough to get out as often as is aesthetically optimal, so on a nice Sunday afternoon, I decided to get out and get some work in. Prior to that, I had an epiphany that nothing was better than a cold beer and a ball game after some hot hours of manual labor.

As you know, I recently added cable to the garage, but how to keep the beer cold? I guess there is always a cooler, but that just seems so non-genteel. A mini fridge would be just the ticket, so when my wife needed a stop at Macy's to pick up a gift for her mom, I made a beeline to Sears to see what they had. That's where I spotted this little beauty - a 1.7 cubic foot libation chiller extraordinaire. The better news? My little darling was a scratch and dent model from the show floor, so the cost was a paltry $34.99.

So on Sunday I plugged it in and stocked it for most post-chore enjoyment. I hit the yard, and it hit back hard. We had received over 2" of rain in the previous couple of days, and the long, wet grass was a killer in terms of clogging the mower. It was so bad that I'm pretty sure that it served as hiding ground for a band of Viet Cong. But I pushed through, knowing that an expertly chilled libation awaited my completion.

And what an afternoon it was! Kubel hit a grand slam against Rivera to win the game, my lawn looked fabulous, and I was sufficiently hydrated. It does not get much better than that.

All of this made my wife question how many "man caves" I needed. Let's see: garage, basement, Lake Ben, Leech Lake.

Four. I need four "man caves."


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  2. Is the Beer List Functional in the man cave???


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