Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leech Lake Fishing Report, Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Odd winds yesterday made things interesting, and velocities increased, decreased, then increased again, and locations shifted from E to NE then back to E. I found fish at Club 21, and while I was happy to be on them, the structure there is small, and the big and shifting winds made it difficult to stay on the “X.” I ended up landing three slot fish, a 21”, a 22”, and the Minnesota state record rock bass.

In the evening, Vera and I headed out to run the shore line, trolling Rapalas and listening to the Twins game. The wind was still strong out of the east, and boat control was difficult. Despite having a tough time keeping us on line, Vera put on a clinic, landing 2 nice northern, a keeper perch, and a 22” walleye. Me? Nada. Well, I shouldn’t say that. I got bit and was reeling in and immediately lost the fish when Vera started hooting and reeling in an aggressive northern (likely the one that bit me, drat it).  Additionally, I hadn’t completely reeled in when I was netting her second northern, and there must have been enough line to combine with the wind to make for an effective presentation, as when I picked up my rod and started reeling in something immediately ran and stripped line off my pole. I lost it right away, but given the depth of my bait and how the fish ran, I’m betting I likely had a muskie. Regardless, I got blanked, while my wife took me to school.

She’s outfished me many times, but I don’t think there’s ever been an episode that was so one-sided.

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