Tuesday, August 8, 2017

RIP Don Baylor

MLB lost a great one yesterday as Don Baylor passed away.  Baylor was a flat out stud, and while he compiled many prestigious awards (AL MVP, Manager of the Year, Roberto Clemente Award, etc.) to me, he'll always be known for his ability to get hit by the pitch.  Indeed, he ranks 4th all time in that unique stat.

Note that he accomplished this in an era before all of the "armour" worn by today's players.  When Baylor got hit, it hit meat and bone.  But when it happened, you'd barely know by looking at Baylor.  He never grimaced or rubbed the offending wound.  He'd just throw his bat down and run to first.  As I said, a flat stud.

He also was a hired gun that the Twins used to bring home their first-ever World Series championship.  Here's a bit of a taste of that:

Rest in peace.

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  1. Whenever I watch these 87/91 highlights I get goosebumps and try to figure out how 1987 is 30 years ago.

    My parents had a condo downtown Minneapolis in Centre Village, about 6-8 blocks from the Metrodome. I was watching the game there with friends, and when Baylor hit this home run we ran out to the 16th floor balcony to see if you could hear the stadium. It was a amazing that you could hear the roar of the crowd.

    Places and times that no longer exist.

    RIP Don Baylor.


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