Monday, August 21, 2017

Pilotless Planes? No Thanks

In the techie quarters, driverless vehicles are all the rage.  "It's only a matter of time!  The technology already exists!" they often exclaim.  A couple of hard questions they never answer:

  • How does the AI model for the unavoidable accident?  Who dies in that situation, and what's the logic used?
  • How will the AI compensate for animals?  Ditto freezing rain and snow?
  • How in the world would we ever hope to safeguard the travel grid from being hacked?  If a madman in Barcelona can wreak so much havoc, what could a team of hackers in Tehran pull off?
The latest discussion is around pilotless planes.  Check out this link.  

Indeed, most flight time is already driven by computer, and savings by doing away with pilots (both in time and dollars) would be massive.  As a flyer, there's only one major problem I have.  If I'm going to be subject to the physical laws at play during my flight, I want someone that can control the situation feeling the exact same thing.

Want to fly through that thunderstorm?  Only if your ass is strapped into the pilot's seat and you get to take the ride with me, Bucco.  

If my plane has no pilot, it will also have one less passenger.

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