Thursday, August 31, 2017

Being PJ Fleck

ESPN has a program running that follows the Minnesota Gophers new head football coach.  It is absolutely fascinating.

When PJ Fleck came into town with all of his bluster, I felt for sure that it had to be a show.  It was a show we had seen before, too.  Glen Mason had a ton of that motivational talk, and he took the program nowhere.  Hence, I felt Fleck was a total reach, especially with a guy like Les Miles out there looking for work.

Oh, I knew what Fleck did in four years at Western Michigan, and it was damned impressive - from one win his first year to an unbeaten season at year four.  Still, that was Western Michigan.  The Gophers play the real Michigan schools.  Would this schtick play in the Big Ten?

Based on a buddy's recommendation, I watched the first episode of Being PJ Fleck and was instantly enthralled.  A few things that I found astonishing:

  • He has an incredible motor.  I've never seen another human being like it
  • He's like that all the time.  It does not turn on or off.  It really is part of his DNA
  • His passion and enthusiasm are contagious as hell.  I haven't played football since high school, and even just watching these episodes made me wish to be able to go out there and play.  I haven't felt that way in years.
We'll find out where it all leads, starting with Gophers' first game tonight.  Likewise, once past the creampuffs, the Big Ten comes calling, and it is about as friendly as a Big Ten schedule can be, as we'll be missing #2 Ohio State and #6 Penn State.  Hence, if Fleck is going to make a big splash, he has the opportunity.

I've not been this excited for Gopher football since Lou Holtz.  If Fleck does what I think he can do, Saturday games look like must see TV.

Row the boat!

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