Monday, August 7, 2017

Bloomington MN Mosque Bombing Smells Like BS

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Last week, in Bloomington, Minnesota, a mosque was "attacked" with some kind of bomb at 5:00 AM.  A witness claims to have seen a "pickup truck" drive away from the site at a rapid rate of speed.  Nobody was hurt, but immediately calls went up decrying the racism rampant in our society, and the abject hate that exists in the Twin Cities for those of the Muslim faith.

I may be wrong, but this whole story seems just that to me - a story.  Indeed, a bomb went off within a mosque.  However, there are a couple of things that don't add up:

  • If you hate Islam so much that you're willing to bomb a local mosque, why use such a weak bomb?  Likewise, if your hate has driven you to bomb, why set it off when there would be no casualties?  
  • If the answers to the questions above were "they just wanted to send a message," wouldn't an easier way to do that (and one that can avoid federal prison) be to just spray paint the building with your grievances?
  • Realy hate Muslims?  Why not just go picking fights with them?  None of that has been reported at all.
I don't believe this was a hate crime.  In fact, I think this was an act of distraction, designed to take the pressure of the situation of a Muslim cop killing a white woman in cold blood, by someone sympathetic to the Muslim cause in Minneapolis.

If something looks and smells like this much bullshit, it usually is.  

I'm happy to apologize if I'm wrong, but I think in the days and weeks ahead, we're going to find out there are some really funny things going on with this story.

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