Monday, June 20, 2016

Why Do I Need an AR?

In the rush to blame a firearm platform for killing 49 innocent people a week ago, a good question is being asked: why do I "need" an AR?  It's not much good for hunting (unless one is killing coyotes, then you can't find much better), and other platforms can be used effectively for home defense.  Why in the world would I need a "weapon of mass destruction"  or a "military firearm?"

Beyond the coyote example, I'll tell you exactly why I have one.  We're only one generation removed from people in the west kicking in your door, taking your stuff, raping your wife, and murdering you.  Jews all over the world still remember that very thing happening to them in their lifetimes.  

Before that period, such activity was commonplace throughout the entirety of human history.  One was either armed, or a victim.

Oh, I know folks will counter with "that's why we have police and/or the military.  You already have ample protection."   Yeah, they'll protect me.  The government would never use its resources against its people.  You know, like siccing the IRS on political enemies and whatnot...

In this world there are three kinds of animals: sheep - the unarmed, innocent, and easily slaughtered.  Sheepdogs - those in the military, out to protect the sheep.  Wolves - those that seek to prey on the sheep.

Like hell will I be a sheep.  I may not have the training of a sheepdog, but I've got his teeth, and if the wolves ever come, I'm going to use those teeth.

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  1. The Second Amendment basically establishes that the government has not interest in WHY you personally own a firearm. A well regulated militia is required. The militia is every citizen (every male citizen at teh Founding). Read in its originalist form is essentially implies every citizen is required to be armed.


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