Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ban Hate Speech to Keep Us Safe

In the days since the Orlando atrocity, there have been massive cries for a ban on guns.  If only guns were not so easy to acquire, we wouldn't suffer attacks from terrorists bent on jihad.  

Unfortunately, we're only hearing one side of the equation.

If this piece of excrement in Florida had not had easy and unfettered access to jihadi propaganda and hate speech, he never would have been motivated to buy the gun and carry out his mass murder in the first place.  Without the hate and propaganda, all of those people would be alive today.  

We have the technology capable of shutting down sites with hate speech, of identifying those who still look for means to engage with it, and of rounding those folks up.  It all exists, and we could do it tomorrow.

Funny, but nobody is advocating for that.

Why is that?  I'm pretty sure it has to do with the slippery slope.  Once the government starts banning speech and chipping away at the First Amendment, it will continue.  Do we really want our government in charge of what is and is not offensive?

The EXACT same thing applies to the Second Amendment.   Yet cowards such as Rolling Stone hide behind their protections of the First to attack the Second.  Irony, anyone?

Tell you what - you can take away my gun rights the minute you're willing to give up your free speech rights.  



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