Monday, June 13, 2016

Islam Murders LGBT, Left Dutifully Blames Anyone but Islam

Islam hates homosexuals.  In a couple of countries - countries - homosexuals are routinely shoved off of buildings.  Those that survive the fall are stoned to death by a gleeful, waiting crowd.  

This is Islam.  That's how they treat homosexuals.  Is that all of Islam?  No.  But where are the cries within Islam that stand up to the butcher of gays, or women, or Christians, or Atheists, or anyone that is not Muslim for that matter?  There are no such cries.  Just silence.

It's been stated many times before - silence is acquiescence.

Hence, when a gay bar gets shot up by a jihadist, how in the world can anyone be surprised?  And yet leftist will blame Trump, or guns, or Christians, or homophobia, or any other leftist boogeyman instead of placing this deed where it belongs - at the door of Islam.

I'll bears repeating - Islam hates homosexuals.  Islam is the cause of death for more homosexuals worldwide than any other malady.  Yet the left protects it and does all it can to offer cover and excuses for it.

How many more of our gay brothers and sisters will need to die at the hands of Islam before we wake up?   

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