Friday, June 3, 2016

Prevailing Opinion on Why Folks Aren't Working?

Over fishing last week, the prevailing opinion of our fishing crew was one of worry.  The economy feels broken.  So many are not working, and the tax base is crashing.  In the meantime, government spending continues to increase at an unabated rate.  Social Security, an option that is now on the horizon for some of us, is a known Ponzi scheme.  It is already bankrupt, and as more Boomers pull on it, it will ultimate tip over.

In the middle of all of this is a youth base that finds it unnecessary to move out of mom and dad's house, much less become a productive member of society.  In fact, in a recent article on the StarTribune about Millennials still living with their parents, the following was written in the comments:

We suggest you scale back. Try living in urban areas and abandon your cars. Scale back on your rent so you can take months off at a time. Enjoy your life and the people you know. Do not dread Sundays. Do not be a drone for the corporations and establishment. The government is trending towards providing more help and you will be taken care of when you 'retire' so do not buy into you must work 40 hours a week so you can have a good retirement that may never come. Also if you save up too much, you will be ineligible for less!

This comment received lots of "likes," and absolutely no dissent.  

There is a lot here to tear apart, and I'll leave it up to the reader to do so.  My closing points are 1) this explains how an avowed Socialist is pretty damned close to being President and 2) we're screwed.  Royally, royally screwed.  With no work ethic leading to no work leading to more government handouts leading to less taxes collected, it is only a matter of time before this house of cards collapses.

It used the be that the comment made above would garner shame and scorn.  Now it is just simply a blueprint for life.  


  1. The good news is that political winds are cyclical. There often is a backlash to such attitudes. Remember, even a Socialist commune could find Bernie Sanders too lazy to be a member. The American society will almost certainly do the same. And, one thing I predict, is that much of this backlash will be led by recent immigrants that come to this country, work their butts off, and look around at the lazy people who do not.


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