Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Outrage Over a Dead Gorilla

The story of the gorilla shot in the Cincinnati zoo because he was flinging a young 4 year old child around like a rag doll has been covered to death.  The most surprising thing to me has been the abject outrage directed to those that shot the gorilla.  Multiple armchair quarterbacks have gone beyond second-guessing the decision to shoot the beast.  No, they're calling for violence for those that sanctioned and committed the acts.

This is astonishing to me.  Are we so removed from the realities of life here in our First World that we fail to understand the differences between animal and human life?  Likewise, where is the same kind of outrage for human suffering - starvation, torture, oppression, mutilation, human trafficking, sexual abuse, etc.?  The kind that happens every day.  The kind that is happening right bleeping now.  

I guess it is easier to pen off some pompous "gorilla murder" outrage on Facebook over a latte rather than actually getting off of ones ass and doing something about making life better in a way that matters.

Talk about a sheltered world-view...

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