Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Men Are Stupid, Part 856

As we've covered here previously, white men are treated as stupid in commercials.  Here is our latest installment, with a hat tip to my brother:

Ah, yes.  There is nobody that everyone hates more than the stupid, white, straight male, am I right?  I mean, when his son punches his father in the nuts, it was just so hilarious.  

Can you imagine the same ad with a black dad?  A mom?  A clearly gay male?  No, you can't.  Why is that?

Unfortunately, this is not relegated just to advertising.  Here's Senator Claire McCaskill taking on those evil men in a piece that is absolute comedy gold:

Again, could you see this "comedy skit" being written to tell women to shut up?  Or gays?  Or blacks?  No, men need to shut up, because everybody knows that me are stupid.

Sorry, folks, hate is hate.  Because you direct your vitriol at a former majority doesn't get you off the hook - you still hate.  Think about that.

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