Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Moschino Barbie Ad - Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

Here's the latest Barbie ad.  Thankfully for society, it features a little boy who just drips with gay stereotypes:

Think of the hundreds of adults that worked on this ad - from conceptualization, to production, to distribution.  Now think of the boy's parents that felt it just fine that he be used (and, oh boy, I do mean USED) is such a way.  All along the line, everyone felt this was just OK.  I'm sure they were all so proud of themselves of how progressive they all are.

It's not fine.  To tart some poor kid up as a flaming fashionista serves no other purpose than to damage the kid (trust me on that - this kid is doomed) and to continue to purposefully shove the gay lifestyle into corners of the world where it just doesn't belong.

It is a toy ad.  For children.  Unfortunately, that's not what got produced.  What got produced is absolutely for adults.  If kids get hurt along the way, so be it.  There's an agenda to shove in America's face.

Where does this end?

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