Thursday, November 19, 2015

Refugee Crisis Has No Equal

There is a very popular meme out there on social media which states that by not allowing Syrian refugees into this country right now, we're basically repeating history.  You see, in 1938 and 1939 in this country we refused Jewish refugees trying to escape Hitler's tyranny.  We did so because we are an evil country, filled with fear and hate.

This is a remarkable comparison.  It is notable from the standpoint that it actually uses mistreatment of Jews to push a leftist agenda (usually the agenda IS the mistreatment of Jews, especially Israeli Jews, but I digress...).  Beyond that, let's look at the comparisons at their face:

  • Did the Jews come from a culture that regularly chanted "Death to America" and actively celebrated our tragedies in their streets?
  • Did the Jews have a sect that went around beheading Christians?
  • Did they push homosexuals off of buildings?
  • Did they fly planes into buildings, or blow them out of the sky?
  • Did they go about randomly killing innocent people?
  • And so on
The difference is obvious.  The reason the Left uses the comparison is equally obvious: They hate our country.  They are convinced that we're solely motivated by racist desires, so much so that, to paraphrase our esteemed President, we're "afraid of orphans and widows."

So the Left swings the door wide open.  Come to America, poor, poor refugees.  Even though we can't find Hillary Clinton's or the IRS' emails, we can certainly find the terrorists among you, and protect all of our citizens.

Sure we can.

When the inevitable happens, President Obama needs to be arrested and tried.

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