Thursday, June 11, 2015

Twins Revert to Form

We recently celebrated the surprising success of the first place Minnesota Twins.  Unfortunately, like a great dream, morning has come and reality has set in.

The team had a great opportunity in their last two series to prove they were for real.  They started out with the lowly Milwaukee Brewers; owners of one of the worst records in baseball.  They then followed up with the Kansas City Royals; arguably the most talented team in their division.  By laying the smack down on the Royals, the Twins had the opportunity to put some distance between them and their talented foes.

Unfortunately, the Twins woke up.

The Brewers' series was lost 1-3, and KC just swept us 0-3, with the Twins scoring just three runs in the entire series.

Now we'll see what they're made of, as the Twins are now two games out of first, but still up a game and a half on the wild card.  Can they hold on?  Given the ugly brand of baseball they've played this past week, the future looks pretty grim.

They clearly need to hop back into bed and get that dream rolling again.  The locker room dance floor has been way too quiet of late.

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