Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fox's Coverage of US Open Terrible

Mrs. YDP and I spent last Sunday watching the great finish at the US Open.  Unfortunately, Fox's coverage was so damned distracting and frustrating, it nearly ruined the event.

A couple of things really got to me:
  • The first three hours of coverage wasn't.  It was nothing more than a Super Bowl pre-game show.  Despite dozens of golfers on the course, and a course designed to bring the world's best to their knees, we were presented with story after story, and talking head after talking head.  We were shown very little golf.
  • It seemed all that mattered to Fox was the final two twosomes.  Again, while dozens of guys are killing themselves on the course, we spent dozens of minutes watching the last group of the day warming up on the range.  Really.
  • Given the above, we missed the incredible play of Adam Scott.  At -6, the guy shoots the best round of the day and climbed 29 places.  Of that incredible round, Fox maybe showed 8 shots, with nearly all of those being putts.  Huge fail.
  • It seemed Fox really wanted to play up the Jason Day / vertigo angle.  For hours before tee off, that's all that was discussed, and while he was on the course we were treated either to close ups of him blinking, or color commentary about "how he must have had a spell" upon hitting a crappy shot.  If I hear the word "vertigo" one more time, I'm going to puke.
  • Don't get me started on balls lost by the camera, not going back to tape to see how a guy ended up putting for eagle (as they did with Scott THREE TIMES), and myriad other amateurish errors.
I told my wife that golf broadcasts in the 1970's were better than what Fox pulled together yesterday.  I don't think I'm far off.

Atrocious coverage.  Period.

Golf needs a lot of help.  Participation is in free fall.  Coverage of one of the majors by Fox only makes a bad situation worse.  The PGA needs to address this.

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