Thursday, June 4, 2015

Millennial Marriage Vows

Making the turns on social media, usually passed along by some millennial, is a list of wedding vows that need to apply, otherwise "I flat out refuse to marry."  People are going absolutely crazy over this, and believe it totally applies to them as well.  You can click the link to check out the entire post of tripe, but if you just want a taste, here's one:

I don’t want to settle down with you. I want to take off with you – to far-away countries, foreign landscapes, gems and corners of the world that would only have looked half as amazing without you by my side. When I strap on a backpack and head to the airport, I want you to be boarding that plane with me. You’re the person I want to get lost with, set up camp with, stumble through dark streets with at 5a.m. with after a long, rambunctious night in a city that we can’t pronounce the name of. When I get home and have tale after ridiculous tale to recite to my friends, you’re the one I want there to back up my claims. You’re the person I want to come home to and the person I want to escape with. I want you on every adventure I take for the rest of my life. I want to do everything on earth with you.

Now let’s stop with these frivolous vows – there’s a party to have! We have gifts to tear open and champagne to chug and a whirlwind honeymoon to go embark on. This whole marriage thing is old and tired but we most certainly are not. After all, you’re only young and wild once. And baby, our wildest days are just beginning.

Seriously?  That's how choose to profess your lifelong love?  That's the commitment you're making to your partner?

Here's some insight for you, kiddo.  You know jack squat about love, and even less about life.  If you did, you might come up with something like:

Life happens, and when it does, I will be the one steadfastly at your side.  When your dad dies, it is my voice on the phone that will tell you, and my waiting arms in which you'll run into for comfort and understanding.  When one of us has a health issue that threatens a life, we'll face it as at team - with bravery, intelligence, faith, and undying support for not only the one that is sick, but for us.  Team us.  And when career challenges occur, I'll be your ear, and I'll provide you comfort, counsel, and will prop you up on the days in which you think nobody cares for you.  On those days - all days, but those days in particular - if there is one thing you can count on, it is my love for you.  Always.

Good luck to you and your future husband.  I wish you much happiness and success.  

And a whole lot of fortitude.  

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