Friday, June 26, 2015

Remember the Alamo?

We are living in scary times.  With politicians and leftists screaming for a "whitewashing" (pun intended) of our history via flag banning, statue removal, and the like, one wonders where all of this ends.  Self-hatred of US history has long been a rumored trait of the far left, and we're now seeing it on full display.  And that hatred does not stop with the Civil War.

I believe that we'll see two different things here coming up in fairly short order:

  • Like Charleston was the site of the first shots being fired in the Civil War, I believe that the Charleston shootings and subsequent calls to actions are going to be the start of what will be a long and brutal fight for slave reparations.  And I do believe that when we get to that point, it will quite literally tear our country apart.
  • Leftists, emboldened by the progress their seeing on the Confederate flag front, will continue their aggressive affront toward "cleaning up" US history.  It won't stop with the Civil War - it will go much further than that
Hence, if my prediction is correct, the phrase "Remember the Alamo" might not be just politically incorrect, it might be downright racist, and verboten.   

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