Sunday, July 20, 2014

US Muslims REALLY Approve of Obama, But Are Slipping

In a recent study by Gallup, presidential approval was segregated by faith.  The results are below:

As a group, Muslims really approve of the job Obama is doing, and by a whopping amount.  While that's no surprise, here are a couple of data points that stand out:

  • Jews still approve of Obama by 55%.  Given Obama's rhetoric and lack of support for Israel, this is astonishing 
  • Catholics still support Obama by 44%.  With the specific attacks on the Catholic Church via the Obamacare law, this is astonishing to me as well.  
While Obama enjoys some strong support in some camps, that support has been universally falling:

Even five percentage points of Muslims have lost faith in Obama in the past five years.  Once you start to lose the Muslims, you've really lost them all... 

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