Monday, July 21, 2014

Dell S2340M Monitor and the Lessons of Technology

My previous desktop monitor had been acting up, and thanks to the web I was able to get an accurate diagnosis on what was wrong.  It was complex, and in the end, the problem meant that the monitor was dying.  It either needed to get fixed or thrown.  Seeing that it was over 10 years old, and that I have stated to need glasses to work on the PC, the decision was an easy one.

I went out to, found a strong replacement, selected it for in-store pickup within the hour, and paid for it via my PayPal account which has been growing due to my work on, and here we are with the new big-daddy monitor.  At 23", it is 50% bigger that what I was using previously, and has made use of the glasses a thing of the past (at least for now).  

All told it cost $159 - the cost of a nice dinner.  Why I hadn't done it before is a mystery to me.  

Technology is truly amazing.  From the information gleaned on the dying monitor, to ordering a replacement from my local store, to paying for it with money eared via web testing.  20 years ago, none of this existed.  

The Left likes to talk about increased worker productivity coming on the backs of workers, and that workers are not being compensated for "how much harder they're working."  Hogwash.  Technology has completely changed how effectively work gets done.  People aren't working appreciably harder, but the advantages that are provided by access to technology sure as hell makes them more effective.  

For those of us that have lived through it a remember a world without all of the technical advancement, these are truly amazing times.

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