Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shotgun Silencer Video

For those of us that hunt waterfowl successfully, concealment is requisite for success.  By using decoys and calling, we hope our stealth is rewarded by bringing our quarry close enough for a shot.  Then, once the shot is taken, the jig is up.  We've exposed our position, and warned other birds that may have been on approach that danger lies ahead.

But imagine if the shots taken weren't so loud.  What might that be like?

Perhaps like this:

At $1,400 - pretty much the cost of a quality waterfowl auto-loader - this is way too expensive for the average duck hunter.  Likewise, I have no idea its impact on ballistics, especially for ultra high-velocity loads of which I'm a huge fan.  But for things like metro-area goose round ups, where one is looking to keep the neighbor and golfer distractions to a minimum, this could be the ticket.   

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