Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama: Narcissist, Tone Deaf, or Uncaring

President Obama made a speech yesterday, after he had been informed that a civilian airliner had been shot down, with a massive amount of deaths.  Including Americans.  This is how he approached it:

He spent about a minute on it before he moved off to his stump speech.  What you missed in this video was his introduction, where he jogged through the crowd with a big smile on his face; mugging and waving to the crowd.

This is a man that had just been informed that tens of Americans were killed.

Obama either only cares about Obama, or is unable to be presidential, or both.  Bush got pilloried for reading "My Pet Goat" when he was being informed about 9/11.  While clearly not as tragic an event, Obama's was handled with far, far less decorum.

But you won't hear about that.  Not when he looks so good and tells that Jack Lew signature joke so well... 

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